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John Krasinski on the Cover of Nylon (Photo Gallery)

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John Krasinski in Nylon

As his hit television series “The Office” comes to a close, John Krasinski is keeping busy.

The actor is currently working on a script with Academy Award winner Matt Damon. However, that doesn’t mean things are always easy.

Krasinski explains a story of trying to buy wine with Damon. “We went across the street to this wine store to get a case of wine for a bunch of people, only Matt didn’t have his ID on him. the guy was like, ‘No.’ and Matt was like, ‘I promise I’m who I say I am,’ and he says, ‘No you don’t have your ID. I don’t know who you are,’ and we go back to Matt’s apartment, and he’s so pissed off — he’s like ‘I’m gonna show that guy he lost a major, major customer!’ So we got a German GQ magazine, that his publicist had sent him, and he walks up and slams it down and says, ‘You just lost my business, pal!’ and the guy just goes ‘Okay. get out.’

Read more with Krasinski in the January 2013 issue of Nylon.

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