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John Krasinski Gets Dapper in C for Men (Photo Gallery)

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John Krasinski in C for Men

As John Krasinski prepares to leave his gig at the NBC comedy “The Office” behind, he sat down for an interview with C for Men magazine.

The actor opened up about the end of his run with “The Office,” and his take on it is pretty refreshing. The actor admitted, “My entire career began and has lived through this show, any movies I’ve made have happened because of it. But I’ve never wanted to leave or run away from it. At no point did I ever say, ‘I’m bored. I need something better than this.’ We all wanted to protect it and be there at the end.”

He continued by adding, “It’s incredibly sad. For us, it’s the end of a family. It’s such a great job.”

Read more with Krasinski in the October 2012 issue of C for Men, on newsstands now.

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