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Jessica Pare is Elle Canada’s March 2013 Cover Girl (Photo Gallery)

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Jessica Pare in Elle Canada

Jessica Pare looks lovely on the cover of Elle Canada’s March 2013 issue.

The actress spoke about her role on “Mad Men” and defended her arguably unlikable character. She explained , “How can you not love Megan? I do. People will react to me as an actor, though. Everybody has their opinions – I’m the worst about, like, ‘Oh, I don’t like that actress’ for no reason. So I understand that, but I think the character is fantastic. She’s so spontaneous and genuine.”

That doesn’t mean that becoming Mrs. Don Draper was without risk. “The first time Megan and Don kissed, the costumer turned to me and was like ‘Well, it was great working with you, buddy.’ And then it turned into being Mrs. Draper, which I still can’t f****** believe. I’m so grateful,”

Read more in the latest issue of Elle magazine. You can also check out the video below to get a behind-the-scenes peek at the photo shoot.

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