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Jessica Biel Talks Love of Physical Roles in Cosmopolitan France

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Jessica Biel in Cosmopolitan France

It was a dangerous job, but Jessica Biel didn’t mind being the one to do it. The actress spoke to Cosmopolitan France about her new role in “Total Recall.”

Biel does many of her own stunts in the film and, despite the danger, seems to love it: “There were a few mishaps, but fortunately not with Kate or Colin. With the stunt, I did almost everything the director allowed me to do. I had a harness and I was flying through the air next to the camera. I was doubled by [an incredible stunt double], Janene Carleton, who taught me many things.”

When asked if she enjoys such a physically demanding role, Biel responded, “Yes, I’m very comfortable. When you’re a woman in this kind of movie, it’s rare that gives you the opportunity to be so in action. I would not fight like this every day, but I find it very rewarding. You learn a lot about martial arts, boxing or combat sports.”

“Total Recall” is in theaters now.

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