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Jesse Eisenberg Learned a Few Magic Tricks for ‘Now You See Me’

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jesse eisenberg now you see me

Jesse Eisenberg stars alongside an ensemble cast that includes Morgan Freeman, Isla Fisher, Woody Harrelson, Mark Ruffalo and Michael Caine in “Now You See Me.” The film centers around a group of magicians who add robbing a bank to their act.

Eisenberg said that his own magic skills aren’t quite up to heist level, but he did learn a few simpler tricks for the movie.

“I learned a few things… I can do card and coin tricks now. I can do small parts of the movie’s bigger tricks,” the actor said. “You first see me on the street in Chicago. I get a girl to choose a card then toss the deck up in the air, and that card appears in lights on a tower behind me. I can make someone focus on the one card in a deck that I want them to see. But I don’t know how to wire a skyscraper.”

“Now You See Me” hits theaters on May 31. Check out a trailer for the movie below.

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