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Jennifer Lopez to Appear on ‘The Fosters’

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jennifer lopez the fosters

Jennifer Lopez serves as producer on the new ABC Family series, “The Fosters.” The show centers around a lesbian couple and their diverse family. Lopez will also be guest starring on the show.

“She was maybe thinking about doing a cameo in the pilot, but there was some apprehension in deciding how early they wanted to feature someone like her into the show,” said Jake T. Austin, who plays a foster kid on the show. “So she’ll definitely come on, but at this point we just don’t know when.”

The actor adds that the show is certainly unique, but is also something that was needed on television.

“It’s very current, it’s very timely and it’s something that’s needed, especially on a platform like ABC,” Austin said. “The thing is it’s a family show and it’s relatable. It’s not targeting any specific demographic. We’re just trying to tell a story and to appeal to a mixed crowd.”

“The Fosters” premieres on June 3 on ABC Family.

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