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Jennifer Carpenter Discusses ‘Dexter’ Details

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Jennifer Carpenter and Michael C. Hall 'Dexter' (Photo Credit: Showtime)

Now that Deb knows all about her adopted brother’s dark passenger on the Showtime hit series “Dexter,” things are changing. Just ask Jennifer Carpenter, AKA Debra Morgan, who recently sat down with The Hollywood Reporter.

Last season, the character of Deb was seen realizing she could have romantic feelings for Dexter, played brilliantly by Michael C. Hall. As Carpenter explains, “I don’t think she was decorating a house or planning a wedding, but that Deb is someone who has been bankrupt as far as it goes with intimacy. Dexter is a narcissist and he’s addicted to his struggle. He’s happiest when he’s in his pain because that’s the place he knows the best. So, when someone who is so preoccupied with darkness when they swim to the surface and have a moment of respite, you feel angelic. There are moments when Dexter swims to the surface and meets Deb and she feels like a lot of women do when they’re falling in love. While she knows she’s not in love with him, she’s in love with that feeling that she can make it better; that she’s special and can save him and in return, that saves her. I think she’ll have a hard time separating those feelings from romantic feelings, but once she sifts them out, I think she’ll move further away from that.”

The show’s seventh season is currently underway and according to Carpenter, it’s been the easiest season for her to promote. “For the first time in a long time, the show’s unfolding like real life, which is why it’s been so satisfying to play and the easiest season to promote because I can’t stop. I obviously can’t shut up about it (laughs). I think the best kill we’ve ever done on this show is killing the big bad — that whole formula — because everyone really is operating without a map. There’s no navigation to think that’s going to take you through the season. You have to show up every week and hold on.”

Dexter airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on Showtime.

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