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Jennifer Aniston Unveils Secret Surveillance Tapes for SmartWater

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Jennifer Aniston for SmartWater

Ryan Seacrest unveiled a series of secret surveillance footage taken from inside of Jennifer Aniston‘s home. As he says, it includes “shocking revelations.”

However, don’t get too concerned (or too excited, for that matter). The “tapes” are all part of a hilarious online ad campaign for SmartWater. The two-plus minutes of “leaked footage” are a must-see. In that short period, Aniston reveals her baby bump and then proceeds to chat with the triplets inside. She then gets an unwanted poolside visit from her other secret children: an alien toddler and a whiny Jimmy Kimmel. Perhaps best of all is the end, in which the actress unveils her true self after saying, “Goodnight Rachel.”

It’s nice to see an actress like Aniston able to make fun of her perceived public image. This one is definitely worth a watch and a good laugh.

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