Jennifer Aniston Topless in Horrible Bosses? Nope!

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The much-anticipated Jennifer Aniston raunch-a-thon Horrible Bosses opens in theaters this coming weekend, and fans will get to see Jen, nearly unrecognizable in a brunette wig, as a foul-mouthed dentist who sexually harrasses her assistant, played by It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia funnyguy Charlie Day.

Aniston gets to bite Day’s ear, straddle him, and suggestively eat a banana, but as for the rumors that she has a topless scene? Completely false.

Jen tells the Chicago Sun-Times: “I have no idea where those rumors started, but it’s a good rumor.”

Although she keeps covered, that doesn’t mean that Jen didn’t relish the chance to play the sexually aggressive Dr. Harris. “It’s usually the male character in that role. That’s why I thought of her like a guy,” the star explains. “Other than that I just stuck to what was in the script. I didn’t have any input as to what she said. That was all on the page. And I was tickled and excited. The raunchier, the better.”

Even without a topless Jen, Horrible Bosses will most definitely be tops at the box office.

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