Jennifer Aniston Quashes Those Pesky Love Triangle Rumors in InStyle Magazine

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Jennifer Aniston InStyle

In the March 2012 issue of InStyle magazine, Jennifer Aniston tells us what we already know: the love triangle tabloids love to publicize between she, ex-husband Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie is completely made up.

“The triangle with my ex-husband — and that there’s a feud there,” Aniston responded when asked what the press gets most wrong about her. “It’s a story headline that won’t go away, but it’s a money thing.” The actress also added that magazines profit on “a story that has nothing to do with reality.”

Jennifer Aniston also talked about aging in Hollywood. “You know what makes me feel old? When I see girls who are 20-something, or the new crop of actresses, and think, ‘Aren’t we kind of the same age?’” the 42-year-old explained. “You lose perspective. Or being offered the part of a woman with a 17-year-old child. It’s like, ‘I’m not old enough to have a 17-year-old!’ And then you realize, well, yeah, you are.”

The March issue of InStyle is available on newsstands Feb. 10.

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