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Jamie Chung Talks Upcoming Movie ‘Rudderless’

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jamie chung rudderless

Jamie Chung will be appearing alongside Felicity Huffman, Anton Yelchin, Laurence Fishburne and Selena Gomez in William H. Macy‘s upcoming directorial debut, “Rudderless.”

Chung says the film, which centers around a father who tries to cope with the loss of his son, is quite dark — a definite change for former Disney star, Gomez.

“It’s the parents’ perspective of being the parents of a murderer, a mass murder like Sandy Hook,” Chung said of the movie. “You never get to hear the parents’ perspective of dealing with the hurt and the betrayal and the anger and the love. It’s a really interesting angle on a story like that. It’s pretty dark but it’s kind of beautiful in a way.”

Of her costar Gomez, Chung said viewers of the film are going to see a very different side to the singer and actress.

“The thing is, she’s so talented, you’re really going to see a different side. It’s going to be a bit more fragile,” Chung added. ”I think it’s a side you’ve never seen of her. It’s quite fantastic. It’s dark. But she’s always so lovely.”

“Rudderless” is expected to hit theaters next year.