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James McAvoy Talks Breaking Boundaries for ‘Filth’

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James McAvoy is shedding his nice guy image for his upcoming film “Filth.” In the film, McAvoy plays a bipolar cop who is addicted to drugs in the adaptation of a novel by Irvine Welsh.

In the dark comedy, fans of McAvoy will see the actor snorting cocaine, beating up his witnesses, and sleeping with his colleagues.

“I realize this is casting against type,” McAvoy told The Hollywood Reporter. “But this was simply one of the best scripts I’d ever read. In the top three. It’s up there with Atonement. A beautiful and harrowing script.”

Filmmakers of “Filth” had admitted that they weren’t sure about casting McAvoy in the film, but the actor says he was able to bring a unique understanding of mental illness to the project.

“I seem to have known an extraordinary number of people who have had to deal with severe mental illness,” he said. “So I understood this character [Bruce Robertson]. I knew how to play him. I’m not saying it was easy, but I knew I could do it.”

“Filth” might not be everyone’s cup to tea. For those that prefer McAvoy’s traditional roles, you can catch him in “X-Men: Days of Future Past” next year.

“I think that anybody who likes my work and comes and sees this and doesn’t like it, hopefully, they’ll still go to see X-Men,” McAvoy joked. “Hopefully they won’t hold it against me. But the good thing about having a fan base, if at all I have one, is that you are able to introduce them to things they might not usually see.”

“Filth” opens in the UK today. It currently does not have a US release date.

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