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James Gandolfini’s Will Revealed

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james gandolfini will

James Gandolfini‘s will has left the majority of his estate to his children, Michael and Liliana Ruth, with several million dollars being given to other family members and a few friends. According to reports, the actor’s estate is worth an estimated $70 million.

The 17-page will was created in December 2012 and revealed that the late actor’s son, Michael, 13, will receive a large majority of the estate when he turns 21-years-old. He will also receive his father’s jewelry and clothing, as well as his condo in New York City.

Gandolfini also owns a house in Italy, which will be split between Michael and his 9-month-old sister when she turns 25. In the will, the actor cited that he hopes to keep that home in the family.

Some of Gandolfini’s other properties are being sold — his home in California and a duplex penthouse in Tribeca.┬áThe remaining estate is being left to Gandolfini’s sisters, Johanna Antonacci and Leta Gandolfini, as well as his second wife Deborah Lin. He’s left some money to his godson, his two nieces and two of his friends.

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