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Jake Gyllenhaal vs. Jennifer Lawrence vs. Justin Timberlake – Celebs.com’s WHO WON THE WEEK

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With a slew of films opening this weekend there was something for everyone at the multiplex. However, it seems most weren’t that interested as by the time the final tickets are counted it will be another down weekend with no film getting close to $15 million for the weekend. Though the box office experts can’t figure out who will take the number one spot yet, it looks like the top three duking it out are between Jake Gyllenhaal playing a gritty cop in the drama “End of Watch,” Jennifer Lawrence getting chased around in “House At The End of the Street” and Justin Timberlake trying to woo Amy Adams (and Clint Eastwood) in “Trouble With The Curve.”

So we may not know yet who won the box office, but we can tell you who won the week. You know the drill, keep on reading.

Jake Gyllenhaal – “End of Watch”

Heartthrob Jake Gyllenhaal spent five months alongside co-star Michael Pena going through ride-alongs and weapons training to play gung-ho LAPD cops who quickly become targets by the Mexican cartel. It’s gotten Gyllenhaal rave reviews, but this week another topic of discussion was his new scruffy look. No, he’s not pulling a Joaquin Phoenix “retirement,” he did it for his American stage debut in the off-Broadway production of “If There Is, I Haven’t Found It.” The actor talked about that, the movie and other things when he visited Jimmy Fallon this week.

Gyllenhaal also had to field a lot of questions this week on if he would consider playing the role of Christian Grey in the upcoming “50 Shades of Grey” movie adaptation. Though the film is still in development with most of the chatter fueled by “50 Shades” fans, Gyllenhaal told Ryan Seacrest on his radio show that he wouldn’t be against playing the part.

We here at WWTW think Gyllenhaal and Ryan Gosling, another favorite of the fans to play Grey, should settle this in the manliest of ways… a beard off. Whoever can grow the longest facial hair by the time production starts gets the role. Hurry up, Ryan, Jake’s got a head start on ya!

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Jennifer Lawrence – “House At The End Of The Street”

Riding the promo machine since Jennifer Lawrence came out with “The Hunger Games” seems to have worked for her low budget thriller “House At The End Of The Street.” Finally hitting theaters this weekend (in fact, the film was made before Lawrence shot “The Hunger Games”), it’s certain to make at least a healthy $13 million take, and of course the producers have its stunning star to thank.

And this won’t be the last you’ll see of Lawrence before she transforms back into Katniss. Starring in the upcoming David O. Russell dramedy “Silver Linings Playbook” opposite Bradley Cooper, Lawrence may once more be hitting the awards season grind before the year is up.

However, for now, enjoy as she does her best scream queen.

Justin Timberlake – “Trouble With The Curve”

Yes, Justin Timberlake’s “Trouble With The Curve” co-star Clint Eastwood may have snatched the headlines from him with that whole RNC appearance (you may know it better as “Eastwooding”), but this week things got back to normal, like us focusing on his supposed bachelor party that spanned from Vegas to Cabo.

There was also rumors throughout the web this week that he would only focus on acting, having music take a back seat, however the New York Post reports that he is working on an album.

Ah, the speculation of everything Justin Timberlake, life is back to normal.

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And the winner is…

There’s a lot of star power here at WWTW this week, but after careful deliberation we’re giving this week’s award to Mr. Gyllenhaal.

He showed his versatility this week, not only giving a powerful performance on the screen, but also on stage. Proving that he’s one of the more versatile actors working today.

Congrats Jake, now give Ryan a call and let’s get this beard contest going!