Is the ‘Twilight: Breaking Dawn’ Birthing Scene Causing Seizures?

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twilight breaking dawn

Is the “Twilight: Breaking Dawn” birthing scene causing seizures in theaters? One Utah couple thinks so. During the infamous scene, a bright light shines on the audience, which caused the husband to pass out and begin shaking.

“I didn’t really remember what happened after that, I think I blacked out,” he told Salt Lake City’s ABC4. “According to [my wife], I was shaking and mumbling different noises.”

The couple left the movie early, but returned for a forgotten cellphone and learned that another girl in the theater also suffered a seizure. When ABC 4 called the theater, a manager confirmed the man’s seizure but wasn’t convinced that the “Twilight: Breaking Dawn” birthing scene caused it.

Those with photosensitive epilepsy can suffer seizures when exposed to flashing lights and other visual stimuli. Do you think the “Twilight” birthing scene is to blame?