Is Eva Mendes Dating Larry David?

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Eva Mendes has been recently linked to SNL funnyfella Jason Sudeikis. Nothing’s been confirmed, of course, but if the latest rumors are true, Eva’s got a type!

A source close to the gorgeous Ghost Rider gal told the National Enquirer that Eva’s been spending a lot of time with none other than Larry David, Mr. Curb Your Enthusiasm himself!

“Larry is winning Eva over slowly but surely.It seems hard to believe, but he’s an exceptionally charming guy who has women falling at his feet right now,” spills the source. “He’s rich, intelligent, sensitive – and he’s in decent shape for a guy his age. Eva is attracted to men with a  great sense of humor, so it helps that Larry is one of the funniest guys around.

“A few months ago, they ended up spending hours together at a party at a friend’s house, and they really clicked. Eva is really taken with Larry’s sensitive side, and she says that he has a ‘sexy’ personality.”

You hear that, guys? You don’t have to look like Robert Pattinson to land the hottest woman in town. Just be funny. And sensitive. And intelligent. And rich. And funny. And the writer of Seinfeld.

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