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IMAX Releases its ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Poster – Big Names, Big Expectations

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There is no doubt that the biggest movies should be seen on the biggest screens. And there’s rarely ever a film quite as big as “The Dark Knight Rises.” With the world up in arms in support of director Christopher Nolan‘s worthiness of Oscars’ gold statuette for either of his last two films, and scenes shot specifically on IMAX cameras that could only be appreciated in this format, we’re predicting this film to be bigger than Spider-Man even with its darker subject matter.

And then there’s the cast:

Christian Bale (Oscar-winner), Michael Caine (2x Oscar-winner), Gary Oldman (Oscar nominee), Anne Hathaway (Oscar nominee), Tom Hardy (bad-ass), Marion Cotillard (Oscar-winner), Joseph Gordon-Levitt (future Oscar winner) and Morgan Freeman (Oscar-winner).

The experience begins 20 July, 2012. In the meantime, here’s the exclusive IMAX poster (and here’s Anne Hathaway in some kick-ass boots).


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