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Ian Somerhalder Covers Icon Magazine (Photo Gallery)

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ian somerhalder icon magazine

Ian Somerhalder is smouldering on the cover of Icon magazine’s 2013 Men’s Issue. The actor poses in fine suits and talks about starring in a hit television series.

“I obviously feel wonderful about the show,” he said about “The Vampire Diaries.” “It has defined my life for the last four years and will continue to. It is multi-faceted, you know? You get a bit of creative fulfillment, which is incredible, and you also have a tremendous amount of talented people around that become like family. And ultimately, due to the success, we have this exposure level that allows us to influence people. When you have that ear of the public you are able to use that for positive things. I feel like I am able to do that with the great fan base of the show.”

Somerhalder uses that exposure to help his own foundation, which raises funds and awareness for causes including environmental issues and animals.

“It’s not all about saving animals and saving the planet. It’s really about the human condition – what is it that makes us tick and allows environmental degradation and destruction of our planet,” he said. “These are things that align with me as a person, not just a foundation.”

See more of Ian Somerhalder in the gallery below.

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