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Ian McKellen to Play Retired Sherlock in ‘A Slight Trick of the Mind’

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ian mckellen a slight trick of the mind

Ian McKellen will play the famous Sherlock Holmes in a new movie called “A Slight Trick of the Mind.” Bill Condon is directing the film.

The movie will center around a retired Sherlock Holmes who cannot rest easy until he puts together the fragmented pieces of an unsolved case from fifty years ago. All he remembers now is a confrontation with an angry husband and having a bond with the unstable wife. Without his sidekick Watson and his mental powers having deteriorated with age, this turns out to be Holmes’ toughest case.

“A Slight Trick of the Mind” is actually based on a novel of the same name by Mitch Cullin. The screenplay is being adapted by Jeffrey Hatcher.

“Mitch Cullin’s elegiac novel is not so much about solving a mystery, as it is about accepting life’s mysteries,” Condon said. “I could not be more excited about the talent who have come together to make this film a reality.”

McKellen has previously worked with Condon on “Gods and Monsters,” which Condon both wrote and directed.

The film is expected to begin shooting in April 2014 in the UK.

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