Hugh Laurie Talks About Selling Out With The Telegraph

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Hugh Laurie, perhaps best known as Dr. Gregory House on “House,” recently sat for an interview with The Telegraph in which the actor discussed his meteoric rise to fame and selling out. Specifically, selling out by accepting an endorsement deal with L’Oreal Vita Lift 5, a skincare line. Here’s why he signed on with the cosmetics company:

“It’s a tricky thing. I know exactly why I’m doing it. What I didn’t know was whether I ought to be saying that I know why I’m doing it. They call you up and say, ‘do you want to do this thing?’ I say, ‘no, you’re out of your mind.’ Then they say a sum of money, and it’s huge. I mean, it’s verging on the wicked, really. But for that money I could build a school in Sierra Leone. Once that thought enters your head, you cannot turn away from it. Because if you do, what you’re really saying is that my pose, the way I present myself, is more important than kids getting an education in Sierra Leone. Who could do that?”

In the interview, Laurie also discussed how making music has helped him stay sane despite the rigors of the “House” filming schedule and the stresses of staying in touch with his London-based family. Read the whole thingĀ here.

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