Hugh Laurie: I’ll Retire From TV When ‘House’ Ends

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Don’t look for Hugh Laurie in another television series after “House” ends. The 52-year-old actor told the Daily Record that while he’ll still remain in the entertainment business after the show that made him famous is finished filming, he is “no longer a desirable commodity for TV.”

“I can’t imagine there will be another [opportunity] quite like this,” Laurie admitted. “I think I will probably be as interested by either writing or producing or directing, or some other aspect. I find the whole field of it fascinating.”

In the interview, Hugh Laurie also admitted his extreme luck in landing the role of Dr. Gregory House: “I am extremely lucky to have had the one shot that I have had at it, and I wouldn’t go looking for lightning to strike twice.”

Laurie signed on for “House” in 2004. Will you miss him from the small screen after the series ends?

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