Hugh Jackman Adds Charitable Organic Chocolate to Laughing Man Worldwide Brand

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Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman already has a line of charitable fair-trade coffee and tea called Laughing Man Worldwide, and he’s just added organic, kosher, fair-trade chocolate to the brand’s offerings.

Jackman hopes that Laughing Man will help small communities and companies thrive worldwide. “Laughing Man Worldwide is going to incubate different companies,” he said. “One of them is coffee and tea, one of them is chocolate. Who knows where we’ll go from there. Each of these companies that we create, 100 percent of the profits go to charities. It’s first and foremost about creating good products that people really want. Not that they feel they should want it, but because they genuinely want it. And then being able to create jobs and support entrepreneurialism.”

Jackman isn’t the only celebrity with a charitable food brand: Leonardo DiCaprio recently announced LYON, a coffee line that will benefit the actor’s eponymous foundation and the environmental charities it supports. Buy Hugh Jackman’s charitable chocolate from the Laughing Man online shop.