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‘House of Cards’ Celebrates 9 Emmy Nominations

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house of cards

House of Cards” has made history by being the first Netflix original series to receive 9 Emmy nominations. Jeff Beal, composer for the show, said a great deal of the show’s success is simply because they right people had creative freedom.

“Netflix was able to guarantee two seasons,” he told The Hollywood Reporter. “We felt we had their trust and a long leash. They were supportive but hands off [creatively].”

Director of photography Eigil Bryld (who also received an Emmy nomination) said the series was given a different approach than most.

“We approached ‘House of Cards’ as a movie,” he said. “Shadows were part of the palette. There is always an undercurrent of something sinister and hidden motives.”

Apparently director and producer of the show David Fincher has also shown some excitement for the nominations, which is much different from his usually reserved ways.

“[Fincher] was very excited,” Beal said. “He is usually quite reserved, but he said he wants to get together. I guess he wants to celebrate … or get back to work. We are workaholics.”

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