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Holy Governator: Schwarzenegger Returns & Here’s the Poster to Prove It! (Official Poster)

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Schwarzenegger returns to the big screen as the No.1 guy in Lionsgate’s “The Last Stand.”

Sure, the governator lends his muscle to “The Expendables 2″ opening this weekend, but this is the Schwarzenator as the lead, front and center, holding down the film (and, apparently, providing a nice little advertisement for Chevrolet in the background).

Co-stars on the project include the stunning Genesis Rodriguez (who recently posed for this bikini shoot), Oscar-winner Forest Whitaker, Rodrigo Santoro and Coen brothers favorite Peter Stormare.

January 18 is the date the big man hits the big screen. Shame, we were thinking something more like February 14 might be nice.

For more on the man with the gun, check out the official site HERE.