Mirren Mirren on the Wall, Who’s Got the Hottest Body of All?

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Move over, MILFs; it’s the year of the GILF! Gorgeous golden girl Helen Mirren has bested all comers in a new poll to be named “Best Body of the Year”.

The gym chain L.A. Fitness polled 2000 customers to find out who had the best bod in Hollywood, and 66-year-old Dame Helen was head and shoulders (and everything else) above the rest, with a staggering 18% of votes.

In second and third place were Jennifer Lopez and royal sibling Pippa Middleton, while the top three men were David Beckham, Daniel Craig, and Johnny Depp.

Check out Helen Mirren’s silver foxy bikini shot here, and let us know in the comments who your pick is.

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