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Heather Graham is Vegas Magazine’s Cover Girl (Photo Gallery)

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Heather Graham in Vegas

Heather Graham shows off her Hollywood glam side in the May/June 2013 issue of Vegas magazine.

The actress spoke about what it’s like to find your place in Hollywood. She explained, “You get a million mixed messages about how you should behave. So how do you learn how to have a healthy point of view and feel good about your sexuality? I’d say just that I feel more accepting of their point of view. I don’t have the same point of view, but I [got] more accepting that this is how it is.”

Graham continued, “A lot of times we’re brought up to please other people or take care of other people. It’s ingrained in our nature to be motherly. I had to step outside of that and go, ‘What makes me happy?’ I had to rethink that.”

Read more in the latest issue of Vegas, available now.

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