Halle Berry Stalker: Arrested!

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While we can’t blame anyone for wanting to be in the general proximity of Halle Berry at all times, stalking is taking it a teensy bit too far. Luckily, a man who has been terrorizing Halle by habitally trespassing on her property this week has finally been arrested.

This past Saturday and Sunday, Berry was frightened to find a strange man on her property and called the police after she spotted him peeping into her kitchen window. Unfortunately, he fled before LAPD were able to apprehend him.

Luck ran out for the creepy peeper yesterday, though, when Halle’s security detained him after he jumped her back fence.

The man has been identified as 27-year-old Richard Franco, and he is currently being held on suspicion of felony stalking.

You can worship Halle, but do it from afar, people.

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