Guy Richie, Jacqui Ainsley & James Middleton Welcome the New Bentley Continental GT V8 (Photo Gallery)

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British celebs Guy Richie, Jacqui Ainsley and royal-adjacent James Middleton joined heavyweight boxers and TV personalities as H.R. Owen Bentley and Boujis hosted a party in Mayfair to launch the new Bentley Continental GT V8.

Capable of taking in the Connecticut countryside or Californian coastline for 500 miles on a single tank of fuel, the new powertrain V8 is 40% more fuel efficient than its previous model.

As a favorite means of transport of many celebs both across the pond and here in Hollywood, we just thought you should know :), y’know, just in case. Oh, it’s selling in the UK for £123,850 (also known as about USD$200,000).

Images provided courtesy of Getty Images for H.R. Owen and Boujis.