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Guillermo Del Toro Creates ‘The Simpsons’ Couch Gag for Upcoming Halloween Episode (Video)

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the simpsons treehouse of horror XXIV

The Simpsons” enlisted the help of Guillermo Del Toro to create the opening couch gag for the show’s upcoming Halloween episode, “Treehouse of Horror XXIV.”

Del Toro was originally supposed to do a simple guest voice and couch gag, but he decided to redo the entire opening credits.

“’The Simpsons’ titles are so iconic and yet they’ve never been riffed in this vein,” he says. “I really wanted to land the connections between the [show’s] set pieces and the titles and some of the most iconic horror movies, and intersperse them with some of my stuff in there for pure joy,”

The filmmaker, who is best known for his work in “Pan’s Labyrinth” and “Pacific Rim,” ended up creating a compilation of all his horror and fantasy movie inspirations into one, very short piece.

“I integrate[d] Lisa falling through the couch like ‘Alice in Wonderland’ but in the dress of the girl from ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’, and instead of landing next to the giant toad in ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’, she lands next to the Hypnotoad from ‘Futurama.’ At the last minute I wanted to put a Mexican wrestler in there, but [casting producer] Bonnie Pietila said to me, ‘We’ve got to go! We cannot keep adding and adding stuff. “

Del Toro added that he would love to direct an entire Treehouse of Horror episode in the future, one that would be truly chilling.

Watch Del Toro’s version of “The Simpson’s” opening titles below.

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