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‘Go On’ Launches Web Series

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Go On Launches Web Series

NBC’s “Go On” is expanding with a new web series. Starring Matthew Perry as Ryan King, the show centers around a radio sports talk show host who seeks refuge from a therapy group after his wife dies. The webisodes, which premiere tomorrow, focus more on the show’s supporting characters.

Writer Nicholas Darrow says the web series is simply compiled of “little clips that feel like they could have been part of the show.”

In the first episode of the web series, the group is tasked with looking at roleplaying and how it can help the healing process. The group leader, Lauren (played by Laura Benanti) want the group members to use this method as a means of helping a guy who has had a pretty terrible year.

“Before you know it, things take a turn toward the grim and bleak,” Lauren says in the clip.

Since “Go On” is a comedy, things don’t work out as well as they all hoped.

The series will include four webisodes in total, each debuting online on Tuesdays. You can watch the first webisode a day early here.

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