Gerard Depardieu “Humiliated” Over Airplane Incident

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Anderson Cooper lost his cool and dissolved into uncontrollable giggles while reporting on Gerard Depardieu relieving himself on an airplane. But for Depardieu himself, the incident is no laughing matter.

Several witnesses on the plane claim that the French actor seemed drunk, but Depardieu’s friend Edouard Baer, who was also on the plane, has a different story to tell.

Gerard and Edouard boarded the Dublin-bound flight in order to begin filming a movie called Asterix and Obelix: God Save Britannia. Depardieu was sober when he asked to use the facilities and when he was denied, Baer handed him a bottle to urinated into. Baer explains:

“Gerard was upset at this and offered to clean up the mess.He has prostate problems and it was very worrying and humiliating for him. He was also stone-cold sober at the time. This is not the way he usually behaves.”

Maybe it’s time to flush this story.


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