Gavin Rossdale: You’re a Moron if You Don’t Have Regrets

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Gavin Rossdale recently revealed a healthy attitude towards regret and perspective, calling those who don’t have regrets “morons.”

Speaking with BANG Showbiz, the Bush frontman said, “You’d be a moron if you live life and don’t have regrets. But I’m in this position of my life where I see everything as if I’m a hang-glider off the top of a mountain with a pair of skis. It’s all about what’s in front of me and all about where I’m going and to look around or look over my shoulder or look backwards will just put myself off balance.”

Gwen Stefani‘s husband revealed that he didn’t have any big regrets, and that his big focus was on getting what’s ahead of him. Do you think Rossdale’s perspective on regrets is a healthy way to tackle the New Year?

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