Gambling Website to Turn Clump of Michael Jackson’s Hair Into a Roulette Ball

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It’s the kind of story that gets weirder with every word: Gambling website OnlineGamblingPal.com recently won an auction for a clump of Michael Jackson‘s hair and plans to use the locks to make a roulette ball. And the price for a lock of the King of Pop’s hair? Over £7,000.

“The ball itself will be made to the highest professional standards, ensuring it will be eligible for use at any licensed casino’s roulette table,” said a spokesperson for OnlineGamblingPal.com. The representative also added that the roulette ball is the perfect way to commemorate a “peerless” entertainer.

Jackson’s clump of hair was collected from a shower drain at the Carlyle Hotel in New York in the 80s. The auction house that sold it was Gotta Have Rock and Roll. Here’s a larger shot of the £7,000 strands:

michael jackson clump of hair

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