GALLERY: Olivia Wilde, Ryan Reynolds & Jason Bateman Change Up

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We’re expecting to see a lot of Olivia Wilde on our big screens over the next two years.

While “The Change-Up” hits theaters on August 5 and “Cowboys & Aliens” comes out the preceding weekend (on July 29), Wilde still has a co-starring role opposite Hugh Jackman in “Butter” due out this year.

Don’t expect a rest from Wilde’s charms after the summer, the actress has top-billing on another three films in post-production, “In Time” – starring Justin Timberlake, Amanda Seyfried, Alex Pettyfer and “Big Bang Theory’s” Johnny Galecki; “Blackbird” – with Eric Bana, Kate Mara, Charlie Hunnam and Sissy Spacek; and “Welcome to the People” – working alongside Michelle Pfeiffer, Elizabeth Banks and Chris Pine.