GALLERY: Hot Stars Sam Worthington & Jessica Chastain in ‘Debt’

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Being released into theaters by Focus Features on August 31, “The Debt” is adapted from an Israeli film of the same name. Cloaked in a world of espionage and intrigue, the film was directed by “Shakespeare in Love’s” John Madden, and was shot around the world with two of the industry’s busiest stars.

Aussie Sam Worthington has been on a roll since taking on Jake Sully for James Cameron’s “Avatar.” No doubt collecting huge residual checks, Worthington has signed up for two sequels to that biggest box-office behemoth ever, and has busied himself with the “Titans” flicks and “Last Night” (with Keira Knightley).

Having filmed “The Debt” in 2009, Worthington was re-teamed with co-star Jessica Chastain on “Texas Killing Fields,” a film directed by Michael Mann’s daughter Ami, co-starring “Kick-Ass” star Chloe Moretz, and which has been selected for its premiere in competition at the Venice Film Festival (also in late August).

Chastain seems to be EVERYWHERE at the moment. Appearing opposite Brad Pitt in Terrence Malick’s “The Tree of Life,” with Oscar-nominee Michael Shannon in Sony Pictures’ Sundance and Cannes hit “Take Shelter,” next week’s release – “The Help” – with Emma Stone, as well as Ami Mann’s “Texas Killing Fields,” Al Pacino’s “Wilde Salome,” and “The Debt,” it’s hard to think of anyone whose had a better year… ever.

That Chastain only had two film credits prior to “The Debt,” the speed with which she’s ascended to starring roles and certain stardom is impressive.

Check out the trailer for the film (above) and the gallery of pics from the Mossad espionage thriller (below, pics courtesy of Focus Features).