G.C.O.A.T.-Was Grace Kelly the Greatest Celebrity of All Time?

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GRACE KELLY – The movie icon starred in films with Cary Grant, Alec Guinness, William Holden, James Stewart, Ava Gardner, Bing Crosby, Jackie Cooper, Clark Gable, Robert Preston and Gary Cooper, worked with directors of the ilk of Alfred Hitchcock and John Ford, was fashion’s absolute darling, won an Oscar for “The Country Girl,” and retired at the ripe old age of twenty-six to dedicate herself to life as a wife and the duties of a princess.

A regular feature on the cover of all sorts of publications, if the 24/7 paparazzi photographers and bloggers of today existed then, she would surely have been subjected to unequaled attention. That the gloss of yesteryear is able to reside permanently with Princess Grace, and that both her beauty and talent were rewarded in equal measure, should mark her as the greatest celebrity of all time.

Having just opened at Toronto’s Bell Lightbox, the exhibition opening for Grace Kelly: From Movie Star to Princess was attended by Prince Albert II of Monaco and his new bride, Princess Charlène.

Photos courtesy of George Pimental & WireImage; Rex Pictures; © Archives-SBM Monaco; © Archives du Palais Princier-Monaco; © Princely Palace Monaco; Photofest; © Sebastian Rosenberg, ParisBerlin fotogroup; G Barclay Grimaldi Forum Monaco; WireImage/Getty for TIFF; © Magnum Photos.