Friends’ David Schwimmer Lists Hancock Park Mansion for $10.7m

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While Chandler Bing (aka “Matthew Perry”) has been highly active in the real estate market, trading his Malibu property, a condo on the Sunset Strip as well as a mid-century modern home in Hollywood with spectacular views, his “Friends” co-star Ross Eustace Geller (aka “David Schwimmer”) has just listed his 9-bedroom Hancock Park spread for a cool $10.7 million.

A new dad to nine-month-old baby Cleo, the “Wall Street Journal” reported that Schwimmer and wife Zoe Buckman would be trying to stay in the same neighborhood but wanted to choose a house together. Schwimmer has owned this property since 2001 (reportedly then paying $5.6 million for a 1926 home that the actor has since significantly improved).

The features: wood paneled library (always a nice touch), state of the art screening room, five fireplaces, manicured grounds, a tennis court and guest house.

Nice. And, by the way, if you’re mulling things over in your new stone-featured den area or the butler’s zone, and are caught wondering what Chandler and Ross ‘s middle names were on the show, the right answers are Chandler Murial Bing and Ross Eustace Geller.

But you knew that already.