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Find Out How Celebs Are Spending Thanksgiving

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Jimmy Kimmel (Photo Credit: ABC)

Jimmy Kimmel told US Weekly, “This year I’m going to St. Louis, so I won’t be cooking, but typically I smoke a turkey. There’s a chef named Adam Perry Lang whose cookbook I have, and it’s the best recipe for smoking a turkey. It’s fantastic!”

Other stars who shared their holiday plans include Michael J. Fox, who said, “My mother-in-law’s an amazing cook. Growing up, I always thought that my mom was a good cook, and she was, but she cut corners. I always thought that cranberry sauce just slid out of a can and always had rib marks on the side, so when my mother-in-law made amazing cranberry sauce with almonds and whole cranberries, it was just a revelation!”

Elle-Fanning shared, “Instead of mashed potatoes, we make these cheese potatoes and take the little hash brown frozen potatoes and bake them with lots of cheese on top and lots of butter. We’re southern, so it’s all that, and it’s so good! It’s different than mashed potatoes.”

Blake Shelton was hopeful about his holiday plans. “We went hunting a few nights ago and [my wife, Miranda Lambert] actually got a wild hog with her bow and arrow. Miranda is the real deal, I mean she doesn’t just sing about guns and things like that — she does it! She’s a big bow hunter — people don’t even know that about her — and it’s so impressive to see this hot girl walking out of the house with a bow and arrow, shooting things with it. It’s crazy, you know? And I love it. I hope that’s what we do again on Thanksgiving.”