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Eyes Wide Shut: Who Slipped A Peace Note Into a Presidential Package?

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1. What movie distributor once had an intern who was interrogated by the US Secret Service after she’d slipped a Post-it into a film print headed to the White House that said, “No more war”? (New York Post via BlindGossip)

2. Which reality TV star has left her boyfriend shocked after having a boob job without telling him first? (The People)

3. A certain female character is about to be paid a visit by the stork. (Her delicate condition will be revealed on air sometime in the next three months.) What the headline doesn’t hint at, however, is that the gal in question is a lead on an established series (i.e., more than a season old). When Madame X finds out that she’s with child, she’ll be — understatement alert! — shocked. Fans of the show, by contrast, will likely love the plot twist. (TV Line via BlindGossip)

My Guesses:
1. This could be anybody but we’ll go with Miramax
2. Josie Gibson from Big Brother?
3. Kate on “Castle”

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