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Eyes Wide Shut: Which Singer is Letting a Drug Habit Get in the Way?

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1. One singer has a monster cocaine habit that is starting to get in the way of the singer’s career. (PopBitch via Blind Gossip)
2. This actor is very handsome but manages to be pretty creepy — a combination that has worked in his favor throughout his career. He has even played the antagonist and love interest in one of the highest-grossing movies in history. He stays pretty mum about his private life, having been married and divorced. However, he is now considering coming out, but is unsure of what that will do for his career. He is still under 50-years-old but he hasn’t played the lead in a major film in a while, and he isn’t even signed to an agency. On the flip side, he thinks the publicity from coming out might help his career. (Blind Gossip)
3. This singer’s career has become about more than her ability to perform. She is married to an older rapper/music mogul who is dependent on her career to stay in the limelight. She isn’t that young either, but her age has always been a cause for debate since she has been lying about it since her girl group days in the 90s. Nowadays, she is constantly looking for ways to keep herself relevant. (Sandra Rose via Blind Gossip)

My Guesses:
1. Lady Gaga
2. Billy Zane
3. Beyonce

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