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Eyes Wide Shut: Which Ex-Spouses Are Rekindling Their Romance?

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1. This celebrity couple split a couple of years ago. While the media didn’t cover every nuance of their division, it was definitely ugly behind the scenes. So we were very surprised to hear that this pretty blonde actress and her ex-husband have been privately spending a a lot of time together recently, and are considering taking their reunion public. While it would certainly bring publicity to their respective projects, we hope that publicity is not the primary reason for the hook up. (Blind Gossip)

2. He is a really good actor. He has even had some roles that have been nominated for a big award or two. Yet this over-30 quiet guy wants more attention. He is not dating the woman with whom he is hanging around, but he is interested in having a girlfriend. His team has been calling around town trying to find a new one for him. Here are the requirements: She must be thin, pretty, and famous with no scandal in her background. Oh, and she must like facial hair. (Blind Gossip)

3. Did she get fired or did she quit? Technically, she quit. But it was because the price of staying was too high. Here is the ss work. Everybody parts on good terms. Everybody wins. (Blind Gossip)

My Guesses:
1. Heather Locklear & Richie Sambora
2. Jake Gyllenhaal
3. Britney Spears

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