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Eyes Wide Shut: Which Celebrity Couple is Hiding a Pregnancy?

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1. This celebrity couple hit a bumpy road when they faced a cheating scandal. But they seem to have gotten passed it because they now have a bun in the oven! The wife is pregnant and the couple have been keeping things under wraps, even though she has already hit the 3-month mark. The couple is fearful about some risk factors, like she is over 30-years-old. The couple will be waiting another few days, but you can expect a baby announcement soon! (Blind Gossip)
2. A well known couple was recently in a green room at an event, along with two other women, family members, personal assistants, a child and a few employees of the venue. The audience at this event was big and the nerves were starting to kick in. However, all seemed calm until one woman was on her phone texting. The man took the phone and began reading the text messages, which sent him into a rage. The venue employees were shocked by the outburst, but the other people in the room paid no mind to it, even though he was saying some pretty mean things to the woman. Meanwhile, the other women, family members and personal assistants completely ignored the altercation. (Blind Gossip)
3. This reality star and her husband are getting a divorce, but it should come as no surprise since the entire marriage was a sham. Turns out, he’s gay and she just wanted to marry someone with a lot of money. The arrangement worked well for several years — she acted as the perfect wife and he was able to live with his boyfriend just across the street. But, over time, the issues just piled up. Not only were the lies too much to handle, but there were also issues involving business, money and crime. However, her siblings seem to be taking his side in this break-up. (Blind Gossip)

My Guesses:
1. Fergie and Josh Duhamel
2. Beyonce and Jay-Z (with Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams being the other women in the room)
3. Dina Manzo

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