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Eyes Wide Shut: Which Celebrity Couple Had a Yelling Match in Public?

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1. This celebrity couple wanted some quality family time while out for a meal in Los Angeles. However, things quickly went downhill. During the meal, the wife was picking food off her child or children’s plates while the husband picked on her. Things were tense, but the couple didn’t start fighting until after they left the restaurant. While still in the parking lot, the husband blamed his wife for the affair he had, saying she needs to get herself together. The wife then made reference to his ‘girlfriend’ before they both got into the car and drove away. There have been rumours that this couple might be on the rocks — neither have been wearing their wedding rings and one has been showing up to events alone while suspecting the other of an affair with someone in a different country. One will soon be traveling out of the country for work, which makes things even more tense for this couple. (Blind Gossip)

2. A young star has been hiding a big part of his life from his fans. He is gay, but has been told by his handlers to appear as if he is straight to please his female fans. He went along with it for a while, but now he wants to let his fans know who he really is and is asking his management to market him as “The Gay One,” a title he is more than happy to live with. The rest of his group are keeping quiet on the situation because they don’t want to get involved. His management involves people who are much older than he is and seemingly quite conservative because they are completely against him coming out. In fact, they have threatened that he will lose his job if he doesn’t follow their orders. (Blind Gossip)

3. This star spends all her time being followed around by the paparazzi. One one occasion, she opened the door to a car that belonged to her boyfriend at the time and the paparazzi got a nice waft of marijuana. Her boyfriend was not there at the time and she had been driving. More recently, she seemed a but out of it at a Golden Globes after party, where many are saying she had just a bit too much to drink. (Celebzter via Blind Gossip)

My Guesses:
1. Nicole Richie and Joel Madden
2. Harry Styles of One Direction
3. Selena Gomez

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