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Eyes Wide Shut: Which Actress has Been Canoodling with Someone Else’s Husband?

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1. These two famous couples have been seen out together on more than one occasion. It is said the wives are very good friends — one an actress who has done a bit of singing and the other is a singer who has done a bit of acting. The husbands are also famous and well known in their respective industries. However, these couples might have more than just a friendly relationship. The actress has apparently had a bit too much fun with the singer’s husband several times in the last few years. If the singer ever finds out, it’s safe to say that both marriages will be over. (Blind Gossip)

2. This actress has been seen on both the big and small screen. She is a new mom who always seems to have a happy and upbeat demeanor. However, the truth is that this actress is currently dealing with depression and has been self medicating with drugs and alcohol. She is refusing rehab because she doesn’t believe it will help and has an upcoming project, which means lots of interviews and producers with high expectations. (Blind Gossip)

3. One female celebrity has been sporting bruises on her leg because her “bed buddy” likes to get rough under the sheets. (Daily Mirror via Blind Gossip)

My Guesses:
1. Beyonce/Jay-Z & Gwyneth Paltrow/Chris Martin
2. Claire Danes
3. Rihanna

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