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Eyes Wide Shut: This Pop Icon Just Lost Her Billionaire Status

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1. This celebrity cougar is holding on to her billionaire status, probably in the hopes to continue getting men who are half her age. But it turns out she’s not nearly worth as much as everyone thinks she is. A recent Forbes Magazine article says this Material Girl has been lying and is actually only worth half of what she says she is, with sources saying she her net work is around $500 million. Her people tried to argue that Frobes’ reports were wrong, but she can’t come up with the numbers to prove her case. (Hollywood Street King via Blind Gossip)
2. This star has recently shed a few pounds, but apparently it hasn’t been due to a healthy diet and exercise. This celebrity lost the weight with the help of a drug problem involving cocaine. (New York Post via Blind Gossip)
3. This successful music star is known for her image of “love and light.” But, she’s not quite as lovely as everyone thinks she is. On a recent shoot, this star spent her time getting high, was mean and is said to be obsessed with always looking pretty. (Village Voice via Blind Gossip)

My Guesses:
1. Madonna
2. Christina Aguilera
3. Taylor Swift

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