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Eyes Wide Shut: This Attention-Seeking Judge is Letting Her Insecurities Shine

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1. This reality TV judge is letting a feud with her fellow judge get in the way of the rest of her life. A witness was recently at a taping of the show and saw said judge’s attempts to gain everyone’s attention. It was actually her birthday, but she wanted everyone to say it was her “anniversary” so that people weren’t thinking of her actual age. She also wore the same color as her “nemesis” for extra attention, and refused to take pictures with the nemesis in the background. To top it all off, she was even rude to fans. (Mouth to Ears via Blind Gossip)
2. This young starlet found success at an early age, but she’s always seemed more mature than others her age. She’s had a squeaky clean image that showed she can resist the many temptations of Hollywood. But, it looks like she isn’t resisting anymore, as she’s been engaging in activities that can easily turn into addictions. She was introduced to such activities by two of her costars to help her get through her busy schedule of promoting a recent project. The promotional tour has ended, but the little habit as continued and it seems like this young star might be headed down a dark path. (Blind Gossip)
3. This singer’s fame shot through the roof when she became a reality show judge, and that fame seems to have gone right to her head. At a recent interview and photo shoot, this star was rude to the makeup artist, hair stylist, fashion stylist, the photographer, and everyone else that was there to make her look good. She spent the day criticizing everyone, telling them her hair, makeup and clothes were “all wrong,” demanded they change the music and basically spent the day being a total diva. But when it was interview time, her entire demeanour changed. She opened several bottles of wine, offered everyone a drink, and was giving big smiles to everyone. By the time she actually did the interview, she was drunk and had a great time with the interviewer, coming off as nice and charming. The crew, of course, was appalled by the personality switch. Note: this is not the same reality judge as the first item. (Blind Gossip)

My Guesses:
1. Mariah Carey, with Nicki Minaj as the nemesis
2. Selena Gomez, with Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Benson as the costars
3. Paula Abdul

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