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Eyes Wide Shut: Theme Park Twit

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1. Which Grammy winner’s marriage ended because his young wife desperately wanted kids and he was dead-set against it? The New York-based singer-songwriter is already a papa of one, and refused to have more kids. So his wife flew the coop! (National Enquirer)
2. This D list (Z list?) former child star is currently in the process of starting his own religion. He’s claiming to have visions and knows when the end of the world is. He currently has about five followers. (BuzzFoto)
3. This teenage heartthrob was recently in the Magic Kingdom and he and his friends had a great time laughing and being generally obnoxious. It’s understandable for his age we guess, but making kids cry kind of crosses the line for us. The worst thing about his behavior was the ‘contest’ the group devised which involved seeing who could pop the most balloons of other guests, especially those tied to strollers. (BuzzFoto)

My guesses:
1. Billy Joel
2. No clue, but Blind Gossip readers seem to think it’s Danny Bonaduce.
3. I don’t think this is Justin Bieber, so I’m going to say Cody Simpson.