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Eyes Wide Shut: The Swag Regifter

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1. Which C-list actress that recently announced her pregnancy, told friends that she was only having a baby so she would never be alone? (BuzzFoto)
2. Which A-list actress has an entire storage room to hold all the free swag she’s accumulated over the years? The thrifty TV-turned-movie star rented office space in Hollywood that she’s filled with designer handbags, electronics and beauty products that she then re-gifts to friends! (National Enquirer)
3. Which A-list pop star has an entire room dedicated to the memory of her relationship with another celeb? Both he and she might have moved on to new partners, but she has a ‘shrine-like’ room in one of her homes where the walls are plastered with pictures, magazine covers and other memorabilia remembering the relationship. (BuzzFoto)

My guesses:
1. The BlindGossip folks seem to think this is Elizabeth Berkeley
2. Jennifer Aniston
3. Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake