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Eyes Wide Shut: Team Angelina

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1. Which popular talk-show host has never cared for Jennifer Aniston and isn’t afraid to say she’s on “Team Angelina”? The chatty star won’t go public with her views because the former “Friends” beauty has been a returning guest on her show, but she was very vocal behind the scenes when Jen’s BFF Chelsea Handler slammed Angelina Jolie as a homewrecker! (National Enquirer)
2. This A-list actress recently told friends that she is not living her dreams. Her dream job is to be a truck-stop waitress and she’s sad she’ll never be able to do it. She says she loves the idea of having a job of serving food and just making people happy, and living a life of simplicity and anonymity. (BuzzFoto)
3. Which megastar is so notoriously rude to airline staff that American Airlines workers prefer to take breaks to avoid him? (New York Post)

My guesses:
1. Ellen DeGeneres
2. Reese Witherspoon, just for fun
3. Justin Bieber, with Alec Baldwin as a runner-up