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Eyes Wide Shut: Tattooed Doppelganger

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1. We have some good news about this talented girl for a change! After more than a year of lying and covering up and downplaying her addiction issues, she is actually seriously working the steps toward getting better! She is carrying The Big Book everywhere, and is reading it in between work commitments. She is also journaling a lot. She is up to Step 4, and is making a searching and fearless moral inventory of herself. Don’t expect any big announcements from her about her completing this step, though. Her only obligation is to admit to another human being (probably her sponsor) the exact nature of her wrongs. BTW, Girl, your friends have told us that you are actually thankful for our pushing you in the right direction. That came as a bit of a surprise to us, but we are pleased that you recognize that was our intention. When you are up to Step 9, and are ready to make direct amends for publicly calling us liars, we would welcome your doing so. While a public apology would be great, we know that’s a hard thing to do, so you may do so privately if you like. You know how to contact us. We wish you continued success and peace. (BlindGossip)
2. This star has a character made of them at a theme park. We heard that when the character was made, the star insisted the character have a tattoo placed on a delicate part of the mannequin. (BuzzFoto)
3. When this B-list, award-winning film actor was a young boy, he and his friends once spent a summer terrorizing animals at a local park. He was said to have killed several ducks with a golf club. He deeply regrets his actions now and the incident still haunts him. He has donated large sums of money to several bird reserves all over the country, but he still can’t bring himself to go to any local parks that have ducks. (BuzzFoto)

My guesses:
1. Demi Lovato
2. Just for fun, Dolly Parton at Dollywood
3. Eek. No clue.